Sports Journalism Student Success: Jared Valluzzi on the Set of News 12 Long Island

Who says that your teenage son or daughter isn’t ready for college yet? For Kellenberg Memorial High School 8th grader Jared Valluzzi, taking the sports journalism course at Hofstra CE was a great choice for kick starting his future in Sports Journalism!

After taking classes in Hofstra’s Sports Journalism and Broadcast Institute for Teens, Jared was ready for his TV debut. On October 6th, Jared was fortunate enough to be a guest speaker on Huddle Up, News 12 Varsity Long Island’s high school football show, where he talked football with host Amanda Pugliese and made his pick during the show’s 2 Minute Drill segment! His father, Frank Valluzzi, credits the staff at Hofstra CE with contributing to his son’s success: “I would like to bring to your attention the tremendous job your staff….Michael, Keith, Kevin, Dan, Brendan and the rest of the crew do with the teenagers attending the program. In a fairly short time your staff has made my son Jared feel very comfortable in front of a camera and improved his overall communication skills.” Mr. Valluzzi goes on to mention how Jared valued the staff’s teaching style throughout the process, which helped him get the most out of the program. “Jared tells me the Hofstra CE staff is extremely knowledgeable and cultivates the perfect blend of learning and fun. An excellent combination for a teenage learner!”

The Sports Journalism and Broadcast Institute for Teens offered as part of Hofstra’s Continuing Education program gives high school-aged students the opportunity to work with Hofstra CE’s excellent instructional teams to learn and improve upon important skills in Sports Journalism and Broadcasting. Courses are offered in areas ranging from sportscasting research and prep to television sports reporting, vocal coaching, and more! Whether your teen wants to pursue a full pre-collegiate certificate in Sports Journalism or just wants to get their feet wet, our wide range of course offerings lets your son or daughter take classes that they want and steer their education in a direction that best benefits their interests and future!

According to Mr. Valluzzi, Jared is excited to be returning to Hofstra CE yet again this November, and encourages teens to do the same. “The progress in my son’s communication skills has been amazing. If your child is looking for enrichment in the sports journalism field, there is no better place than the Hofstra CE Sports Journalism Institute.”

To learn more about Hofstra Continuing Education and the opportunities available within any of the available programs, visit the Hofstra CE website, or check out the Sports Journalism and Broadcasting Institute for Teens if your teen is interested in the field of Sports Journalism!

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