So You Want to be a Voiceover Actor? with Gerry Laytin

With a resume that includes Broadcast Communications Major at Hofstra University, WRHU Executive Board, and industry experience in both client and talent capacities, Gerry Laytin offers great value to students in his Hofstra University course So You Want to be a Voiceover Actor?

In this course, Laytin teaches script interpretation, voice modulation, vocal health, how to create a mood, microphone use, the business of acting and more. Students will have the opportunity to play with commercial copy, as well as narrative work (audio books, webinars, etc.), and get feedback after recording them.

Students interested in voiceover acting, broadcasting, DJ work, etc. will find great benefit in taking this course. However, this course can help anyone entering or looking to improve in the 21st century workplace as honing your communication skills is a proven way to advance your career.

“I had a wonderful learning experience when I was living in the United States. I was in the country for 1 year and 5 months, so I found the Voiceover class which was taught by Gerry Laytin. Since I am an announcer in Brazil, I thought that learning how to do Voiceover in English would be a challenge and an opportunity to improve the language and the techniques. I really liked and recommend the class. All the students and the teacher helped me with my difficulties in English and I felt so comfortable to learn and do the exercises. Thank you Gerry for the class, it was so good to me.” – Isabela Chagas, Newscaster, 97.3 FM Chapado do Sul, Brazil

After completing this course, students can further their studies in Behind the Mic: The Business of Voiceover Acting.

To learn more about So You Want to be a Voiceover Actor? at Hofstra University with Gerry Laytin, click here.

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