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Introduction to Visual Basic .NET with Michael Devlin

An applications manager by trade, Michael Devlin has been teaching the Introduction to Visual Basic .NET course since 2004. The .NET framework is a very popular and powerful application development environment. Who is this course for? Anyone who is interested in learning how to develop applications using the Visual Basic language, the .NET framework, and/or… Read more »

Retrain Your Brain for Success with Diane Lang

Scientific research concludes that one can change, break and form new habits. This ability is critical to personal development and professional development. Diane Lang, a psychotherapist and life coach specializing in Positive Psychology, teaches Retrain Your Brain, a course that gives students exercises and tools they can use to help retrain their brain to have… Read more »

Where to Start to Launch a Career in IT

If you peruse online job boards, it’s difficult not to notice the demand for workers with information technology (IT) skills. With nearly every business, non-profit organization and governmental office relying heavily on software and hardware to support their work, it’s no wonder why there are so many computer and tech-related openings. Yes, there are many… Read more »