New York Baseball Academy is a Home Run

Guest Post By: Tyler Tine, Intern

Campers stepped up to the plate at The New York Baseball Academy at Hofstra University summer camp!  The Academy is celebrating its 42nd year, and is ranked one of the top 5 baseball schools in America.  This program has helped start the careers of hundreds of college and professional players, such as New York Mets starting pitcher Steven Matz.  The Academy’s directors are Bob Hirschfield (NYBA’s founder who has had more than 60 of his players go on to professional baseball) along with John Russo (who has served as Hofstra’s Baseball Head Coach for the past six years.)  

The facilities at Hofstra provided a first-class training environment which includes an updated turf field and an 80-square yard indoor practice bubble for rainy days.  There are multiple batting cages, teaching facilities and practice areas where campers worked on developing their baseball skills.  Professional and collegiate instructors made appearances to help teach the campers, who received individual attention to improve their skills and love of the game.  

Campers were taught the fundamentals of baseball which included batting, fielding, throwing, and running the bases.  Additionally, the coaches stressed the importance of teamwork.  The campers had the opportunity to practice their skills, as teams were assembled by age and skill level, and games were played.  There was excitement on all of the fields as the campers enjoyed a great day of baseball.

This year the New York Baseball Academy added the “Little Tots” Baseball program for players ages 4-6.  This program introduced the great game of baseball to many eager and ready-to-learn players through activities, which work on their physical fitness, hand-eye coordination, and teamwork skills.  The coaches went over the baseball basics such as catching, fielding, throwing, and batting.  Introducing a child to a fun and exciting game at a young age helps their self-esteem and create friendships.  As a baseball fan and a former camper of the New York Baseball Academy, I highly recommend this program to anyone that wants to enhance their baseball skills.

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