Legal Research and Writing with Lesli Hiller

Lesli Hiller, a Principal Law Clerk and member of the New York State Bar since 1999, has been teaching Legal Research and Writing at Hofstra for the last 12 years. Part of the Paralegal Certificate Program, this class will help give students research skills and teach them how to apply them to legal writing, as well as prepare legal correspondence.

Why should a student take a course in Legal Research and Writing?

Students looking to work as a paralegal or legal assistant would find this course to be invaluable, as it exposes them to the basics of one of the most important aspects of work in this field. Everyone in the legal field must be able to write clearly and effectively with correct form, tone, and information. Students will learn these skills, among others, and be well on their way to changing their writing for the better.

Note: This course can only be taken as part of the Paralegal Certificate Program

What can a student expect from Legal Research and Writing?

The Legal Research and Writing course explores physical, statutory and case law sources, digests, the key number system, and Shepardizing (enables students to find, read and update case law). Students will also learn to prepare legal correspondence.

What can a student expect moving forward after the course?

Students will move through the rest of their curriculum in their paralegal studies program and then make a decision about where this new certificate will bring them. Some move on to law school while others become certified paralegals or legal assistants. Even if a student does not pursue a career in the legal field, skills learned in this class can be applied in many other careers within many different industries. Proper legal research and writing is a great skill to have and is highly valued in any professional setting.

Learn more about the Paralegal Certificate Program at Hofstra.

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