John Habyan and Keith Osik Teach Youth the Game of Baseball at NYBA

Guest Post By: Tyler Tine, Intern

All young sports players have dreams of becoming professional athletes.  At New York Baseball Academy at Hofstra Summer Camps the campers had the chance to get tips from not one, but two former professional baseball players.  The New York Baseball Academy welcomed John Habyan and Keith Osik.  Habyan, a former major league pitcher who pitched for 12 years, and over the course of his career pitched for 6 major league teams (including the New York Yankees.)  Osik, the other former major league player and now the head coach at SUNY Farmingdale, played for 10 years, (8 of them with the Pittsburgh Pirates.)  

Both of the guest speakers went through basic fundamentals one-on-one with the campers.  Habyan went over pitching techniques.  Osik was working with the campers in the batting cages.  One piece of advice from Keith Osik that I found beneficial was about the mindset that a batter should have when they are up at the plate: “Every at bat you are 0-0” it does not matter how many or how few hits a batter has when they come up to the plate, because it restarts every at bat.  

The campers took what they learned in the sports bubble onto the field and practiced their windups and pick-off moves on the mound.  The coaches stressed teamwork by having the campers practice together.  From what I observed during the practices and games, the players and coaches had a wonderful connection with each other.  I believe that the friendly atmosphere the coaches provided for the campers helped them appreciate the game of baseball even more.

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