Hofstra Summer Camp Programs Team Up to Play Ball

Guest Post By: Tyler Tine, Intern

Pitchers rolled down their sleeves and got to work at Hofstra’s New York Baseball Academy. The pitchers teamed up with Hofstra Summer Camp’s Biomechanical Programming and Data Analysis program to try on their biomechanical pitching sleeves, which detect arm motion and helps prevent injuries that could lead to Tommy John Surgery. Each pitcher had to tell the students what pitch they were throwing (for example, fastball, curveball, changeup) so they could program the information correctly. This experiment utilized one of Hofstra’s many bullpens (where the pitchers warm up) around the campus. This experiment also helped the pitchers improve on their techniques by showing them their arm movement on a good pitch and their arm movement on a bad pitch. Combining sports or any activity with this type of technology could not only help a person’s skills, but also help prevent injuries.

While the pitchers and the Biomechanical Programming and Data Analysis class were collecting data in the bullpen, the other campers were hitting in the batting cages and played a friendly game of baseball.  The precollegiate Sports Journalism program had also teamed up with the New York Baseball Academy. The campers were on-camera and talked about the baseball game.  The New York Baseball Academy has helped the campers in all three camps get their foot in the door. I think that having the camps work together is great idea and can help build more support.

After seven weeks of observing the New York Baseball Academy at Hofstra’s Summer Camps, I have seen campers enjoy learning the fundamentals of baseball, and use what they learned in the games. The coaches and the campers had great relationships with each other. With all of the facilities available here at Hofstra University, the campers were always active and learned new ways to improve their game.

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