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“Get it” — Physical Education with Vincent Cavelli

You could say Vincent Cavelli has lots of numbers in his life. His personal training career began in 1990. Eighteen years later, he had logged nearly 25,000 hours of sessions as a trainer when he created a two-year, 900-hour Personal Trainer – Exercise Science and Sports Medicine curriculum offered at Joseph M. Barry Career and Technical Education Center in Westbury, N.Y. But he didn’t stop there – he has owned, managed, developed and worked with many personal training facilities, schools and organizations.

“The opportunities for the fitness professional to acquire skills and specialize in different areas of health, fitness, coaching and human performance are growing,” he said. “The fitness industry is growing in international markets and the United States is looked upon as a leader in the education and certification industry.”

In 1996, Vincent co-founded the Academy of Applied Personal Training Education (AAPTE), an education, continuing education (with Hofstra University) and nationally accredited personal training certification organization, where he currently serves as president, director of education and resistance training exercise biomechanics instructor. His greatest challenge in all these roles is “finding enough time and brain energy to fulfill my ambitions to support, influence and advance the fitness profession to higher levels professionalism and respect as well as educate the consumer as to what a ‘personal trainer’ should be relative to knowledge, skill, ethic and professionalism.”
One of the best things about his work is the joy of seeing people “get it” – whether that is the confidence they gain through learning, obtaining the career they always wanted or their sense of personal accomplishment. “The goal of education is to teach how to think, not what to think,” he said. “Knowledge isn’t memorizing, it’s understanding what it is you memorized.”

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