Filling in the Gaps: Staying Up-to-Date in Today’s Workplace

In today’s ever-changing professional environment, it is often very difficult to keep up-to-date with your personal and professional development. Whether you are between jobs, just starting something new, or looking to move up the ladder in your career, there are endless reasons to keep yourself polished and your resume up-to-date with new and improved-upon skills.

Take a Continuing Education Course

You don’t need to be enrolled full or even part-time, to enroll in college courses! Through Continuing Education (CE) programs such as Hofstra CE, working professionals can take courses as stand-alone skill builders or for credit toward a certificate in many subjects, from bookkeeping and personal training to social media marketing and website design. Having CE courses under your belt can be invaluable to those trying to build an outstanding resume as well as those hoping to improve their work performance!

Read a Good Book

Having a busy schedule doesn’t mean that you can’t do some self-improvement on your own schedule! Simply reading a book or listening to an audiobook in a subject area that interests you can go a long way in your professional development and self-improvement. Books on startups, creative thinking and motivation can be helpful for adapting your personal outlook on the world while choosing to read best-selling biographies can help with tips and ideas on improving your professional mindset. Whatever it is that you choose to read, pick a subject that you enjoy most and search for ways to apply your learnings to your life and your career!

Volunteer Your Time or Skills

Volunteering is, and has always been, a simple way to boost a resume. There are non-profit organizations for any cause you can think of, and many for causes you’d never think of, and all of these organizations could use some kind of help. Putting in volunteer hours not only makes you feel great and gives you a sense of satisfaction, but it can boost your resume in a huge way. Employers love a positive work history, but they also appreciate a well-rounded person outside of the office. Volunteering your time on a night or weekend or donating your skilled work to an organization can give you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, and it can benefit your professional life in immeasurable ways.

No matter where you are in your career, there are so many opportunities to improve upon your skills, build a better resume, and stay up-to date in the constantly evolving 21st century workplace. In addition to the examples presented in this article, there are still plenty of other ways to improve yourself and your career. Always being open to new opportunities to learn and grow can play a huge role in your life and career, so the best tactic is to just get out there and take action!

If you would like to learn more about Hofstra Continuing Education and how it can help you and your career, visit the Hofstra CE website and explore some of the many available courses and programs!

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