Fill Your Resume With Professional Experience – Even as a Student – at the Hofstra Precollegiate Sports Journalism Program

New classes start: August 7, 9 and 14 (See registration information below)

Jonah, 15, took more than 12 Sports Journalism classes (including two specialized capstone programs) with the Hofstra Precollegiate program since he was 11-years-old.

He’s gained amazing experience in the field he loves:

  • Last year, he hosted a 30-minute sports TV show and a two-hour radio show, working one–on–one with instructors Keith, Kevin and Dan for these segments.
  • This year, Jonah work with Chris King, the play-by-play announcer for the Long Island Ducks and New York Islanders (and one of the Sports Journalism Program’s frequent guest speakers) to call a live minor league baseball game for nine-innings.

While this game was not broadcasted over the airways or in the stadium, Jonah, Chris and Dan got to work from a private broadcast room. Jonah called the game as PxP announcer with Chris as his color analyst.

The Ducks organization and Chris permitted Jonah, Dan and Jonah’s family to attend the game.

  • Best of all, the entire game was recorded so now Jonah has his own demo reel!

New Classes at the Hofstra Precollegiate Sports Journalism Program Start Soon

  1. H0824: Sports Round Table Hosting
    Course Code:     H0824-71
    Dates:                  August 7 and 8
  2. H0821: Sports Producing and Editing
    Course Code:     H0821-71
    Dates:               August 9-11
  3. H0825: Sports Play-by-Play for TV and Radio
    Course Code:     H0825-71
    Dates:                 August 14-16

Join the Big League with Hofstra’s Precollegiate Sports Journalism Program

Jonah tells you all about his exciting experiences at Hofstra’s Sports Journalism Program, click here.

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