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Theresa Cordova – From AAPTE Personal Trainer Student to a Tough Mudder

AAPTE Unique Tough Mudders –Theresa Cordova helps train a group of individuals each year to participate in a challenging fitness event. Before working at The Academy of Personal Training Education (AAPTE), Theresa Cordova was a student. “Without having any prior experience in the fitness industry and with very modest personal gym knowledge, I was a… Read more »

Hofstra Pick: Why Certain Facebook Friends Can Boost Your Chances of Landing a New Job

“It’s all about who you know” is something most people hear when entering the sometimes frustrating job search process. Sure, we know to strengthen our LinkedIn profiles and keep our social media profiles clean just in case our prospective employers decide to do a little research on us. But, can our Facebook friends help us get… Read more »

Hofstra Pick: The #1 Most Important Leadership Trait Worldwide [New Research]

Although work customs and culture varies depending on the country, the traits necessary in leadership roles around the world remain consistent. A study by Quantum Leadership Group surveyed nearly 200 leaders in 15 different countries, concluding that the most important leadership trait worldwide is high ethical and moral standards. To read more about why this… Read more »

Hofstra Pick: Your High-Intensity Feelings May Be Tiring You Out

In an age where few of us have physically-intensive jobs, many wonder why workers still return home at night feeling too exhausted to make dinner. Psychologists categorize emotions not only as positive or negative, but as high-intensity and low-intensity, as well. As it turns out, research shows that high-intensity emotions (including excitement and anxiousness) can… Read more »