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4 Benefits of Taking a Photography Course

Thanks to smartphones, taking photographs has become a popular pastime for many. Who doesn’t love snapping photos of family, pets, vacations and even meals? Yet, for some, taking photos is about more than grabbing for a mobile device when something interesting happens. It’s about creating artful images with a traditional camera. Whether you’re a seasoned… Read more »

Why Social Media Education Is So Important for Small Business Owners

Small business owners wear many hats. For most, it’s a daily juggling act of managing sales, customer service, billing and other ongoing tasks. Of course, marketing is a fundamental responsibility of entrepreneurs and one that can seem quite daunting when competing against significantly larger players in an industry. Yet, much has changed in the last… Read more »

Hofstra Pick: Why Certain Facebook Friends Can Boost Your Chances of Landing a New Job

“It’s all about who you know” is something most people hear when entering the sometimes frustrating job search process. Sure, we know to strengthen our LinkedIn profiles and keep our social media profiles clean just in case our prospective employers decide to do a little research on us. But, can our Facebook friends help us get… Read more »

Hofstra Pick: You Will Not Get to Retire – How Old Age Became Unaffordable and Unhealthy, and How We Can Fix It

Not long ago, many people answered with an automatic “yes” when asked if they planned to someday retire. Now, the opportunity of retirement is not at all guaranteed, forcing many seniors to continue working past retirement age. Can this problem be turned around? Read more of the Fast Co Exist article here.